Your weakest point can be your strongest point

Good noon friends.... today i would like to draw ur attention towards an very important aspect of life ...." Strongest and Weakest Point ". The first and most important point is that we must understand what are our strong points and weak points.

How we can do things that we really can't ?

In my life there is one person ... from whom i have learnt this thing ... "How we can do things that we really cann't ?" and i m very much thankful to him...cause this thing has helped me to learn management and many a things in the life which are very crucial.

Art of writing template files - Drupal 8

When it comes to Drupal 8 theming layer, there is a lot Drupal 8 offers. Few concepts that come to mind while thinking of Drupal 8 theme layer include Renderable Array, Cacheabilty, Cache Context, Cache Tags, Twig and Preprocessors. Some of these are improvements of old concepts, while others are new introduction in Drupal 8. In this post, I'll share my experience on how to best utilise these concepts for a robust and performant frontend with Drupal 8.

To get best out of this post, you should be comfortable with:

Google Assistant Integration with Drupal

The Rise of Assistants

In last couple of years we have seen the rise of assistants, AI is enabling our lives more and more and with help of devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, its now entering our living rooms and changing how we interact with technology. Though Assistants have been around for couple of years through android google home app, the UX is changing rapidly with home devices where now we are experiencing Conversational UI i.e.