Dipen (Founder Qed42) interviews Purushotam

Que: How did you got introduced to Drupal?

I remember in 3rd Sem of my college days when I had just stepped into web development starting with HTML, developing static sites. It was during that time that one of my juniors introduced me to Drupal Framework. Before that, I had only heard about Wordpress but never used any of these before. So when he gave me first quick demo, I was amazed! I thought to myself “Wow! What a great thing this is.”

I loved the kind of flexibility it offered. I mean everything is under your control and you need not to start from scratch each and every time.

My friend focused on the point: We should not waste time on what already has been made. We should rather take it to the next level up.

Even today, after getting well acquainted with it I am still in awe… it’s really great.


Que: Tell us about your first Drupal contribution.

It had been 3 months since I started developing custom modules in D7. That was the time, I thought of contributing back to the community. The surrounding, the kind of energy we have in QED42 and the affection we have towards Open Source especially Drupal, motivated me. I got the idea from one of the requirements on a recent project, and with help of some guidance and mentoring I successfully made it to the Gates of Drupal.

Best part being, the day I got Git vetted user access on Drupal was also QED42’s foundation day; which made it even more special. That module was Recovery Password, which alters default drupal password reset process.


Que: Why do you contribute to Drupal?

There are many things about Drupal which excites me. Obviously, the best part being that it is Open source which means Open access to code, adherence to best practices, ability to work with some of the smartest people in world, real time feedback from very smart people and constant learning has me hooked. It’s just a kind of love which has eventually developed between us.


Que: What do you like about Drupal community the most?

Drupal community is very helpful and nice bunch of people. Drupal has the right mix of a social and professional flavour presenting lot of opportunities to grow, make friends. Through meetups and camps, I’ve met some really cool Drupalers.  


Que: Who are some of your Drupal heroes?

The Drupal community is very diverse. I’m new to this community and some of my Drupal heroes so far are:

Ajit Shinde, Piyuesh, Sumit Madaan, Naveen Valecha, Tanay Sai, Klausi and Saheel


Que: Are there specific areas you’d like to contribute to Drupal in future?

Drupal is vast and there are bunch of areas I wish to explore. As of now, I feel like I am on the borders of Drupal and need to settle in completely. So, I’m keen to focus on understanding and contributing to specific areas of Drupal like Commerce, Search, Third Party Integration and also keep up with Core and general drupal modules.


Que: What are your goals of 2016?

Talking about the short term goals, I am very keen to contribute to porting useful modules to Drupal 8, Drupal core and will try and follow Drupal 9 development on opportunities to contribute.


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