Your weakest point can be your strongest point

Good noon friends.... today i would like to draw ur attention towards an very important aspect of life ...." Strongest and Weakest Point ". The first and most important point is that we must understand what are our strong points and weak points.

My first week @ QED42

          It's the peak time of anybody's life when the phase shifts to production leaving back the development and finally the same happened with me. Starting the professional career with QED42 is the result of QED42's selection and my preference.

How we can do things that we really can't ?

In my life there is one person ... from whom i have learnt this thing ... "How we can do things that we really cann't ?" and i m very much thankful to him...cause this thing has helped me to learn management and many a things in the life which are very crucial.

Yes it matters a lot how we think ...!!!

Have heard that we should always think positively, but especially in my opinion we should think in both ways cause if u think only positively u leave the really bad aspects of life although you for the moment become happy and enjoy the life but in the long run you