Your weakest point can be your strongest point

weakest strongest

Good noon friends.... today i would like to draw ur attention towards an very important aspect of life ...." Strongest and Weakest Point ". The first and most important point is that we must understand what are our strong points and weak points. An good analysis of real life can make u understand something very significant and that i will make u clear thereafter. Its a saying too ..."before understanding others ... see urself" here see urself means ... analyze urself.. u must know urself. What i want u to do is..analyze ur strong points and weak points and then i vl tell u a small vry usual thing .. (which we generally do not notice ) that vl make ur life easier and at some point of time in ur life u will definitely need that. Now let me elaborate the topic of this post.."Your Strongest point can be your weakest point" let us see how... let me take an example... Suppose I am strong at something say playing chess... and so in a gameĀ of chess what a normal mentality will do ... will not take things seriously as my mind knws that I m stronger for that specific field and so i will not give the amount of attention and hardwork it normally requires and thats what is something we call overconfidence ...and yes this factor do exists and there is 90% chance that it will affect u in this type of situation... So now what will happen in the ground is I would take things lightly and a slight mistake can be very harmful for me....(also it depends on your opponent.. ;) ).. question is ..!! How it depends on opponent ?? In case ur opponent knows that u r vry strong in the game ... so he will do put in more and more efforts ... see how the things are going on... where ur efforts r decreasing... opponent's are increasing and hence total result can exceed ur strength in the game and so the topic is said to be hence proved. Also ... the reverse of the statement is true... "Your weakest point can be your strongest point" but it do require lots of hardwork... just to check the validity of the statement do replace urself with the opponent and u vl clearly understand how this is true. So I hope i hv made u pretty much clear about this statement and surely u would definatly find applications of this in your daily life. Thanks and have a good day ahead.


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