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Dipen (Founder Qed42) interviews Purushotam

Que: How did you got introduced to Drupal?

I remember in 3rd Sem of my college days when I had just stepped into web development starting with HTML, developing static sites. It was during that time that one of my juniors introduced me to Drupal Framework. Before that, I had only heard about Wordpress but never used any of these before. So when he gave me first quick demo, I was amazed! I thought to myself “Wow! What a great thing this is.”

Yes it matters a lot how we think ...!!!

       Have heard that we should always think positively, but specially in my opinion we should think in both ways cause if u think only positively u leave the real bad aspects of life although you for the moment become happy and enjoy the life but in the long run you will have to pay for that small happiness. So i would like to suggest you to think in both ways and yes its all your thinking how the things will happen ... basically how u will do things and correspondingly it will react. I would like to draw ur attention to the famous quote of Apple : THINK BIGGER ....

How we can do things that we really can't ?

In my life there is one person ... from whom i have learnt this thing ... "How we can do things that we really cann't ?" and i m very much thankful to him...cause this thing has helped me to learn management and many a things in the life which are very crucial. Let me know come to the point ... how it will happen .???? Better would be if I tell u the exact story what happened and how i learnt this ..    In our college a team was suppose to come to evaluate and grade the biomedical department... so a frnd of me in that department only was engaged in the responsibilities for the same..

Your weakest point can be your strongest point

Good noon friends.... today i would like to draw ur attention towards an very important aspect of life ...." Strongest and Weakest Point ". The first and most important point is that we must understand what are our strong points and weak points. An good analysis of real life can make u understand something very significant and that i will make u clear thereafter. Its a saying too ..."before understanding others ... see urself" here see urself means ... analyze urself.. u must know urself.

Made it - to the gates of Drupal - My first Drupal Contribution

I don't know from where to start on ... but yes the journey for this day had been started months ago. Finally this morning, when I woke up and out of habit just checked my gmail, the word drupalove drew my attention which excited me to move on to laptop from my mobile, for larger view i guess... ;).

My first week @ QED42

          It's the peak time of anybody's life when the phase shifts to production leaving back the development and finally the same happened with me. Starting the professional career with QED42 is the result of QED42's selection and my preference. I don't know whether I'm lucky enough or i really deserve to be a part of QED42, both-ways I feel like I'm the winner. How ? My next few lines would be dedicated to explain the reasons to support my words.


Great Minds at Trek - Real time infinite fun explored on the way to Lohagad Fort with QEDians

​Someone has rightly said "Trekking is a great pleasure and an exercise" and this pleasure is doubled when you are with your friends, specially with those, whom you work with. You actually discover lots of things, on one side the sweet dangerous cuts of nature while on the other side joy & fun aspects of your colleagues. Thanks to Gandhiji, We QEDians were very lucky to spend time with each other on a holiday not as colleagues, but as friends.