PHP function in twig - EASY! Ever tried TWIG in PHP function?

I was working on issue queue of views extras module and came across a requirement: Add twig support: For a moment I was helpless, I mean I always had the requirement to use PHP function in twig but never thought in the reverse direction and to resolve that issue I need to know how we can support twig variables in PHP.

Now, this was interesting, so I began my search with finding out how Drupal handles output using twig how it replaces variables and all. I went into the code to find that but soon I changed my mind and found the solution another way.

Problem in brief: how "{{ user.getDisplayName() }}" can produce desired output as twig does and support similar stuff in PHP. 

So, scratch your head and try to find a solution, let me see where you guys end up.

Solution :

To support the use of Twig syntax in PHP we can make use of inline_template render element introduced by Drupal
Reference: New inline_template render element for HTML code in PHP


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