Acquia Front-End Specialist Exam Preparation Pointers

  • theme hook suggestions
  • template inheritance
  • basic HTML5 
  • CSS usage
  • basic PHP usage (e.g. how do you combine two arrays, in what order are PHP statements evaluated)
  • how to chain a filter to a variable in twig
  • how to print a string from a variable that has multiple array elements
  • how to do basic if/else statements
  • adding css/js files
  • use strict - javascript
  • how to make sure Drupal.behaviors are available to your JS library
  • if you've added a JS file that shouldn't be aggregated
  • added translatable strings in both Twig files and in JS
  • differences in Drupal's stable and classy themes in Drupal 8 core
  • twig 'extends' and 'include' syntax
  • defining custom regions
  • overriding region-specific markup
  • configuring certain things using the Breakpoints and Responsive Images module



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