How we can do things that we really can't ?

how we can do

In my life there is one person ... from whom i have learnt this thing ... "How we can do things that we really cann't ?" and i m very much thankful to him...cause this thing has helped me to learn management and many a things in the life which are very crucial. Let me know come to the point ... how it will happen .???? Better would be if I tell u the exact story what happened and how i learnt this ..    In our college a team was suppose to come to evaluate and grade the biomedical department... so a frnd of me in that department only was engaged in the responsibilities for the same.. and he was in the second yr only at that time.. and the kind of attention and power he had gained in the department was remarkable... So the situation was he had to plan and do work so that best grade is received and so he decided to build a website for the department having all the details of the events and all small things ... whatever may b... he decided ...!!! then comes the problem ... hows he gonna make it..??? he don knw the things bt yes one thing he knew was management ... one thing he knew was how to make others work for him and thats the best thing i like about him... he asked me for hlp and made me here to work for him .. :) . I analyzed him and asked him so he shared his thoughts and what he told .. is really a big thing ... he said to me .. "that suppose u r given a task" if u knw u would definately do that infact if u don knw also .. then also u would lrn to do that .... but the more heavier task is to make someone else do that task for u .... make him work for u.. and yes its challenging. You can be sure of yourself but not others. I liked his thoughts very much ...and i realized thats what we call management. Not only this when the word management joins and we elaborate further we can surely feel the amount of efficiency its gonna increase. Hope u got the point what i understood from that frnd of me....

Thanks for reading..

Yours Purushotam Rai


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