Extending Drupal Translations for Custom Entity in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 core, together with Drupal contrib (https://www.drupal.org/docs/7/modules), has the ability to ship a powerful platform for our digital requirements in the enterprise world. The multilingual feature is one of the prime reasons that Drupal is a distinguished and a preferred solution to achieve business goals.

Drupal 8 includes the multilingual package in the core itself, while Drupal 7 requires some extra amount of effort to build this package as a whole to make Drupal multilingual ready.

As you might know, Drupal 7 has two major ways which can help you achieve multilingual functionality:
1. Content Translation
2. Entity Translation

Content Translation vs Entity Translation

To be brief, Content Translation creates a new node when a node is translated and is the historic way to translate content.
On the other hand, Entity Translation works together with the Field Translation module shipped under the Internationalization module to translate fields of a node and is the recommended way to internationalize comment. Also, don’t forget, if you’re using entity translation, you need to use the Title module to add support for translatable titles.