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Getting started with ReactJS & Drupal (Fully-Decoupled)

The only thing which is constant is change. Remember how the websites looked 10 yrs ago. Just in case you want to go to flashback here is a reference link: With digital experience enhancing day by day and rapid advancement in technologies around, every day we see an improved version of the web world. And so to keep the ball rolling, as techguards we need to sharpen our skills timely.

Extending Drupal Translations for Custom Entity in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 core, together with Drupal contrib (, has the ability to ship a powerful platform for our digital requirements in the enterprise world. The multilingual feature is one of the prime reasons that Drupal is a distinguished and a preferred solution to achieve business goals.

Drupal 8 includes the multilingual package in the core itself, while Drupal 7 requires some extra amount of effort to build this package as a whole to make Drupal multilingual ready.

Art of writing template files - Drupal 8

When it comes to Drupal 8 theming layer, there is a lot Drupal 8 offers. Few concepts that come to mind while thinking of Drupal 8 theme layer include Renderable Array, Cacheabilty, Cache Context, Cache Tags, Twig and Preprocessors. Some of these are improvements of old concepts, while others are new introduction in Drupal 8. In this post, I'll share my experience on how to best utilise these concepts for a robust and performant frontend with Drupal 8.

To get best out of this post, you should be comfortable with:

Google Assistant Integration with Drupal

The Rise of Assistants

In last couple of years we have seen the rise of assistants, AI is enabling our lives more and more and with help of devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, its now entering our living rooms and changing how we interact with technology. Though Assistants have been around for couple of years through android google home app, the UX is changing rapidly with home devices where now we are experiencing Conversational UI i.e.

Implementing #autocomplete in Drupal 8 with Custom Callbacks

Autocomplete on textfields like tags / user & node reference helps improve the UX and interactivity for your site visitors, In this blog post I'd like to cover how to implement autocomplete functionality in Drupal 8, including implementing a custom callback

Step 1: Assign autocomplete properties to textfield

As per Drupal Change records, #autocomplete_path has been replaced by #autocomplete_route_name and #autocomplete_parameters for autocomplete fields ( More details --

New Module - AddToCalendar Drupal Integration

Drupal sites with events functionality, often have to allow their users to export events in their personal calendars. On a recent Drupal 8 project we were asked to integrate 3rd party service Add to Calendar to their events and having found no formal integration of the widget with Drupal we developed and contributed this module. The widget provided by Add to calendar supports export of Dates / events to iCalender, Google Calendar, Outlook, Outlook Online and Yahoo Calendar.

New Module - CSSgram recreating Instagram like filters for Drupal 8

CSSgram module supplements Drupal Image styling experience by making Instagram like filters available to your Drupal 8 site images, we do this with help of CSSgram library. 

Beauty of this module is, it simply uses css to beautify your image.

How CSSGram Module works?

CSSGram module uses CSSGram Library for adding filter effects via CSS to the image fields. Module extends Field Formatter Settings to add image filter for that particular 

Programmatically updating URL aliases using Batch API in Drupal 8

Drupal has always had excellent support for human-friendly URL’s and SEO in general, from early on we have had the luxury of modules like pathauto offering options to update URL for specific entities, token support and bulk update of URLs. Though bulk update works for most cases, there are some situations where we have to update URLs programmatically, some of the use cases are:

Fetch all the results of a View | Drupal Views

There are scenarios when outside of a view we need to fetch results of any particular view. This is a very specific case when we just want the records compiled by Drupal Views. In that case obviously views api or views hooks are of no use, as we are not looking for event driven activities. It’s just the results needs to be fetched using views because of the complexity of the criterion on which these results are computed.

Featured Contributor - Fall 2015

Open source contributions are one of the key performance indicators at QED42, be it contributing code or participating in various community initiatives; from Developers to Project managers we expect everyone to be active contributors to the communities they interact with. For most of QED42 that translates to (but not limited to) contributing code to Drupal core or contrib and early this year we decided to reward and highlight contributions of one outstanding contributor every 3 months.