Made it - to the gates of Drupal - My first Drupal Contribution

Drupal gates

I don't know from where to start on ... but yes the journey for this day had been started months ago. Finally, this morning, when I woke up and out of habit just checked my gmail, the word drupalove drew my attention which excited me to move on to laptop from my mobile, for larger view i guess... ;). After going through the updates on on my project application, few different kinds of harmones in my mind were trying to tell me -- "yes you got it, the permission to create full projects" but before celebrating i always verify at least twice that what i saw is actually what i saw, no confusion no misunderstandings should be there ... as you all know and must have experienced the type of pain triggering inside when after celebration you discover that the reason for celebration has not been accomplished yet. Thank god ... this was not in my case at that moment. So I went to reconfirm for the same with the help of my friend rather say one of my mentors Mr. Sumit Madaan, he was sleeping only but important thing, he confirmed me for that with his sleepy voice and I finally got the reassurance and permit to celebrate.

Now the gates of Drupal - the largest open source community were completely opened for me. Thanks to klausi and naveenvalecha for giving me the access to create full projects from now onwards. Now i will be making Drupal Contrib Modules ... wow... i m feeling really very very happy as i m writing this post. One more important thing which makes it even more special day is that, 7th October - is the date when in 2009 our company QED42 was started with a small team of 2 people. Celebrations are already waiting and now my first module will definately double the celebration for me.

Again special thanks to Sumit Madaan, I tell you he is really very good code reviewer ;) means a good mentor besides my whole QED family for supporting me. Thank you to you also for being a part of my celebration, I would soon come up with another post of my journey till here. Let me celebrate this milestone at this moment... :) 

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