My first week @ QED42

first week qed42

          It's the peak time of anybody's life when the phase shifts to production leaving back the development and finally the same happened with me. Starting the professional career with QED42 is the result of QED42's selection and my preference. I don't know whether I'm lucky enough or i really deserve to be a part of QED42, both-ways I feel like I'm the winner. How ? My next few lines would be dedicated to explain the reasons to support my words.

My first day in the professional life and on the job was June 4th, 2015. I remember walking in very nervous with the mixture of enthusiasm and expectations. But all my nervousness was in vain, i don't know when and how it vanished completely. I was not able to digest the chill environment i was facing at QED42's office. That day was great involving introduction to the team and yup my new Company's Macbook which added spice to the flavour. Evening aroused but still excitement was not over and it gained momentum when on the very first day, we went out for the party at Little Door. Dance, Music, Drink together reminded me of my college friends and i wanted to speak to them that guys... I found new friend family just like ours.

It was just few days over, I felt started growing with QED42. Usually I remembered persons by their respective roles, but at QED42, first time in my life I started recognising their names... I mean here is to the friendliness environment. At QED42 “it just took few days to become We from I” for me. Working among top notch geeks, I was and am impressed by all the teammates specially the one's um working with. That guy Nitesh from Delhi guides me here in Pune, just like as if my elder brother. Our project manager Saheel is one of the bests. Getting to know these QEDians is itself a effective learning and inspiration. I m in love with QED42 and want to spend my most of the time at office. It's just like I found my second home. Piyuesh rightly says “As soon as you walk into a qed42 office, you'll feel the energy in the air”. While my interview with Khushboo, giving answer to one of my queries she had added, “ We don't believe in bonds” , I believe that being part of QED42, now I would say “ WE HAVE A SPECIAL BONDING that we don't need any BOND “.

I have heard my college friends saying College days are over now, but in my case I'm not able to differentiate. At college we used to learn... i m still exploring and learning, We used to enjoy... come at QED's office .. i bet u will also enjoy, There were friends .. here also. I just wanna say to them....

“Yup u r right ... college is over now ... BUT THE FUN IS ON”

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