Yes it matters a lot how we think ...!!!

it matters how we think

Have heard that we should always think positively, but especially in my opinion we should think in both ways cause if u think only positively u leave the really bad aspects of life although you for the moment become happy and enjoy the life but in the long run you will have to pay for that small happiness. So, I would like to suggest you to think in both ways and yes its all your thinking how the things will happen ... basically how u will do things and correspondingly it will react. I would like to draw ur attention to the famous quote of Apple : THINK BIGGER .... specially i am quite affected and impressed by this thought and when i applied it to my real life i really felt that this saying can change your life if you are able to get into the deeper meanings of this. We do things after estimating a limit and mostly we land somewhere there only. We see things according to our aim .. motto, we make plans accordingly and so why to take lightly "what we think to do?" when so much depends on this only. Lemme take an example if u plan to just pass in the exam u will somewhere land around 40-50% .. um talking about for an avg group so don compare it with personal attributes. So lets get back to track... i said if we plan for passing ... we will study accordingly we will plan accordingly, our strategies will depend on that ... hard things will be left by us ... and we will not give them try... hope u r understanding what i wanna say here.. while in case we would have thought to get somewhat bigger ... our planning .. our strategies and our way to see things and way to do things will be very different and um telling u even small differences here will combine to produce greater difference nw even though u vl nt be able to score 100% ... but yes u would definately land at much better place u had in the earlier case. I would like to give a disclaimer here ;) : that if ur thinkings do not affect ur way to do work and u r lazy enough that u bloody don care what u think and u wanna achieve that or not ? then yes my these words are definatly meaningless and rubbish to u.

Try to get deeper in the meanings of this saying "Think Bigger" and analyze on real aspects ... u would definately understand what i wanna say here.

Thanks  &  Regards

Purushotam Rai   ...  ;)

i don knw what i have written above ... whatever my brain and heart told me ... i just wrote


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