QED Reddo | Speaker | Drupal Pune Meetup

After starting my professional career, this was the first time I was given an opportunity to speak about my contributions to drupal.org in Drupal Pune Meetup.  As obvious, I was very nervous and tried to maintain the flow while giving the presentation. Presentation's main agenda was to cover the major open source contributions of mine with finer details of business requirements, implementation design of those modules. 

As far as first time is concerned, I was good. But yes very fast :D while presenting. Which I have been working around to fix the things to minimize the gap between myself and audience for better communication.

Thanks QED42 for this wonderful opportunity, especially Khushboo and Saheel for preparing me for this and guiding me by your valuable reviews. 

I would like to share that keynote file:

The best part of this opportunity was, I learned that minimizing the communication gap is one of the most crucial points for giving a session.